Deepfake apps and tools

Deepfake tools and apps. In an era characterized by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, the realm of content creation has been revolutionized. One such manifestation of this technological revolution is ‘deepfakes’—the fascinating, yet controversial, phenomenon that is transforming the digital landscape. Deepfakes are essentially AI-synthesized representations designed to mimic real human beings, often resulting in eerily accurate and hyper-realistic videos, images, or voiceovers.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most popular deepfake apps currently available. Each of these tools not only showcases the incredible advancements in AI but also the ethical discussions they inevitably stir. Join us as we navigate this new terrain, delving into the possibilities and implications of the digital doppelgängers that are reshaping our perception of reality.

App Name Description Download Link
Reface A popular app that lets you swap your face with celebrities, movie characters, memes, and GIFs. It uses AI to create realistic and funny results. Android / iOS
FaceApp A viral app that uses neural networks to transform your face in various ways. You can make yourself look older, younger, change your gender, hairstyle, and more. Android / iOS
DeepFaceLab A powerful and advanced tool that allows you to create high-quality deepfakes on your PC. It requires some technical skills and a good GPU to run. You can use it to swap faces in videos, images, and audio. GitHub
ZAO A Chinese app that became famous for its ability to insert your face into famous movie scenes. It has a large library of clips to choose from and it works very fast. However, it has some privacy concerns and it is not available in some regions. Android / iOS
Wombo AI A fun app that makes your photos sing. You just need to upload a selfie and choose a song from the app’s collection. Then, the app will animate your face and lipsync it to the music. You can share the hilarious results with your friends. Android / iOS
DeepSwap This is considered the best of the best for creating deepfake videos and images. It allows you to reface videos, pictures, and all types of images, including GIFs. It’s fast, user-friendly, and can swap up to six faces in a single video. The cost starts at $9.99/month with an option for an annual subscription at $49.99/year for the first year, then $99.99/year​ Online
SoulGen This is a unique tool that allows you to generate realistic female images based on your descriptions. It’s fast, easy to use, and offers options for creating anime or real-girl images. Pricing starts at $9.99/month with an annual subscription available for $69.99/year​ Online
DeepNudeNow This tool specializes in creating nude deepfakes from photos of clothed women. It offers high-quality results and multiple subscription options starting at $4.99 for one day of use. Other plans include week and month-long subscriptions, ranging from $9.99/week to $59.99/month for business use​ Online
Face Swapper A leading application for creating celebrity deepfakes, though I could not find detailed information on this app within the given time. Online
Deepfake apps and tools
Deepfake apps and tools