Candy AI: Your Deepfake AI Girlfriend

In an era where interest in artificial intelligence technologies is soaring, applications like Candy AI are gaining increasing popularity. These services or apps enable the creation of a virtual AI girlfriend (based on deepfake technology), with whom one can establish and nurture virtual relationships. This is all facilitated through a chat-like conversation in an online messenger, incorporating voice chats and photos. You can test the app yourself on app website. 

Creating an AI Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Candy AI

Candy AI simplifies the process into a few easy steps to create your ideal partner. Initially, users can choose to either craft a character from scratch or use a pre-existing one. Starting from zero offers more flexibility in customizing various aspects of your virtual partner.

Selecting a Personality / Candy AI
Selecting a Personality

When building a character from the ground up, there’s an option to decide whether the virtual partner should have a realistic appearance or an anime style.

Decide to have a realistic appearance or an anime style. / Candy AI
Decide to have a realistic appearance or an anime style.

Subsequently, you can refine details such as age, eye color, and ethnic background.

Choosing Ethnic Origin in Candy AI / Candy AI
Choosing Ethnic Origin

The next phase involves deciding the tone and nature of communication. From romantic messages to more direct conversations, Candy AI adapts to the user’s preferences. There’s also an option to choose how the partner’s voice will sound.

Personalizing the Experience
Personalizing the Experience

The final step is to customize the scenario in which the virtual partners will interact. This includes picking positions, attire, and locations. After that, it’s all about engaging in chat. The platform supports many languages, so you can just start with your preferred one.

Chat window
Chat window

More Than Just a Conversation

Candy AI extends beyond the norms of standard virtual partner creation apps. Users can receive photos and voice messages from their virtual characters, enhancing the depth of virtual interaction. It’s important to note that this service offers complete freedom in crafting these experiences and operates without censorship. Users can freely request NSFW (not safe for work) photos from their virtual partners.

Starting Your Journey with Candy AI

Interested in exploring this novel dimension of virtual relationships? Begin your adventure today by registering at There’s no denying that this represents an intriguing aspect of virtual relationships, one that is set to become increasingly popular. Candy AI is your gateway to experimenting with such “relationships.”