DeepNude AI: how to download and use

DeepNude, an artificial intelligence (AI) program designed to generate realistic, synthetic nude images, has become a subject of controversy due to its potential for misuse. The program was initially available as an application but was subsequently banned from all app stores due to ethical concerns surrounding privacy and consent.

The AI leverages an altered version of the pix2pixHD GAN architecture, a powerful machine learning model designed by NVIDIA. It cleverly splits the complex task of generating synthetic nudity into three simpler sub-tasks:

  1. Generation of a mask that selects clothes
  2. Generation of an abstract representation of anatomical attributes
  3. Generation of the fake nude photo

Despite its controversial nature, the DeepNude algorithm has piqued the interest of researchers and developers working in various fields such as fashion, cinema, and visual effects, who find value in the technical aspects of the tool.

Deepnude AI Algorithm Repository
Deepnude AI Algorithm Repository

The Ethical Aspects of Using DeepNude

Ethics and responsible usage cannot be stressed enough when discussing DeepNude. While the creators argue its potential for fostering new creative tools, it’s essential to understand the potential for harm and misuse. This algorithm, if misused, could violate privacy, promote non-consensual image creation, and facilitate harassment. As such, it should only be used with explicit consent from the individuals involved and for research or artistic purposes in a controlled and ethical manner.

DeepNude Download

Caution is vital when seeking to download DeepNude. Mobile packages (APK and iOS files) freely available on the internet often contain malware. Don’t download any packages from the internet. We’re very serious about it. There are no official mobile packages available for download. There is an online version available at With just a small fee, you can undress any picture you want or generate a model, that will be undressed.

Soulgen / Deepnude, Undress, Nudify app
Soulgen / Deepnude, Undress, Nudify app

Another method is to use the official, freely available, DeepNude algorithm available on Github at

Please note: This Github repository contains only the core algorithm and no user interface. It was primarily published to share technical information about the algorithm with specialists, programmers, and researchers interested in its method of solving a typical AI problem. You will need access to your operating system terminal and Python 3 installed.

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