Deepfake Audio with ElevenLabs: How to Clone a Voice? Step-by-Step Instruction

In this blog post, I will guide you on how to create deepfake audio by cloning a voice using ElevenLabs AI. This tool employs cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to analyze and replicate voices from brief audio samples. You might have already seen ElevenLabs’ impressive examples on YouTube.

Always ensure to follow privacy and ethical guidelines when using deepfake audio technology. Obtain consent from the person whose voice you wish to clone.

The steps are as follows:

1. Create an Account with ElevenLabs AI

Visit the website and register with your email address. After creating an account, a verification email will be sent to you. Click the link to activate your account.

ElevenLabs / Clone a Voice / Deepfake audio

2. Purchase a Subscription

ElevenLabs is a premium service, but the good news is that the most affordable package costs $5 per month. There is a current promotional offer, allowing you to pay just $1 for the first month of access. It’s a small investment for a lot of fun! You can cancel your subscription immediately after purchasing if desired.

ElevenLabs Subscription

3. Navigate to the “Voice Cloning” Section

Once logged in, proceed to the “Voice Cloning” section. Here, you will find an interface that facilitates the uploading of voice samples for deepfake audio cloning.

Voice AI
Create a deepfake audio

Voice AI Voice AI

4. Upload Voice Samples

To effectively clone a voice for deepfake audio, ElevenLabs AI necessitates a few minutes of audio material (5 minutes recommended). At this stage, you can upload audio files (e.g., MP3, maximum size 10 MB). Ensure the samples are clear, devoid of noise, and feature a distinct voice.

Add Voice Dialog Box / Deepfake audio
Add voice

5. Initiate the Cloning Process

After uploading the voice samples, click the “Add Voice” button. The process may take a while, depending on the duration and quality of the audio samples.

6. Utilize the Cloned Voice

Once the cloning process concludes, the deepfake audio will be ready for use and download. You can playback, download as an audio file, or integrate it into other projects.

Speech Synthesis / Deepfake audio
Create a deepfake audio

Voice AI

ElevenLabs AI is a versatile tool that can be leveraged for a range of applications, from enhancing speech synthesizers to its utilization in movies and games. Use this deepfake audio technology responsibly and ethically.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!